Everyone has an opinion. 

Sometimes they agree with you. But many times they don’t.

As an Agency focused on reputation and issue advocacy advertising, we deal with others’ opinions every day. And when those opinions differ from our clients’, our job is to figure out what is needed to change them. 

Opening minds to a new way of thinking. About a company. An industry. A cause. An issue. 

Our Agency is organized to ensure senior-level involvement in every assignment. Blue’s principals work directly with clients to develop a clear, objective-driven strategy – and then create the kind of advertising that cuts through the clutter and gets results. 

Innovative campaigns are Blue’s trademark.

Blue is a seasoned team of professionals with experience in consumer, advocacy and political advertising. We combine “Madison Avenue” creative approaches with metric-moving, results-oriented skills honed in the political campaign and public policy areas. We also understand the power of bringing together creative and new technologies to solve problems for our clients.

A mind is a difficult thing to change.

It takes a different set of skills to make it happen.

So we created a different kind of Agency.